COZYROC has the pleasure to announce the official release of the COZYROC SSIS+ 1.9 library. We are very excited about the possibilities this new version provides to our customers for easier connectivity to any REST service. The other major highlight of the 1.9 release is the support for JavaScript scripting, which can dramatically simplify the implementation of custom parts in a solution by enabling a rapid development of reusable, easily-configurable components and tasks.

Those new capabilities, not available in any other product on the market, further increase the value of our SSIS+ suite, which is well-known for bringing major innovations to SSIS customers with the support of dynamic data flows, composite records modelling, etc. By choosing COZYROC SSIS+ 1.9 you can rest assured you are purchasing the most advanced technology on the market for solving even the most challenging problems in your integration projects. And the best part is that we still offer the most affordable subscription for a fully-fledged SSIS suite of tasks and components. Cheers!

We have two announcements to make:

  • Support for SQL Server 2005 and 2008 is still included. The support for these older SQL Server versions is planned for removal in the next major version. Please note the 2008 binaries now target .NET Framework 3.5 instead of .NET 2.0.
  • The cost of the SSIS+ 1.9 perpetual license has been increased to $4,999 per license.


Summary of the products available immediately for purchase:

  • SSIS+ Ultimate Subscription at $699/Year.
  • SSIS+ 1.9 perpetual license at $4,999
  • SAS® Adapters license at $2,499.95
  • USPS Address Database / One time purchase at $299.95
  • USPS Address Database / Monthly Subscription at $2,399.95/Year
  • SSIS+ Premium Support at $499.95/Year

For more information, check the purchase page.

Summary of the new / updated components

  • New: Support for SQL Server 2019.
  • New: Support for SSDT for Visual Studio 2019.
  • Improved: High-DPI scaling for high-resolution monitors.
Act-On Connection
  • New: Introduced connection.
Data Flow Task Plus
  • New: Support for ODBC Source and Oracle Source components.
EDI Connection
  • New: Introduced connection.
EDI Destination
  • New: Introduced component.
EDI Source
  • New: A custom editor to replace the basic one.
  • New: All previous configuration properties are now available in the new EDI Connection. This is the recommended way of configuring the component.
  • New: A new parameter InsertSequenceTerminator to support "composite records"-compatible formatting of output data.
Excel Connection
  • New: Support for Excel 2019.
  • New: A new parameter DateTimeFormat to specify string format when writing DateTime values.
Exchange Connection
  • New: Support for Exchange Online token-based authentication.
FTPS Connection
  • New: Support for Curve25519 elliptic curve algorithm.
HubSpot Connection
  • New: Support for 'Analytics', 'Association', 'Ticket', 'Product', 'Line Item', 'CRM Object Property' resources.
JavaScript Component
  • New: Introduced component.
JavaScript Task
  • New: Introduced task.
KRONOS Connection
  • New: Introduced connection.
Legacy Amazon S3 Connection
  • New: Support for Signature 4 protocol.
  • New: Basic clipboard cut/copy/paste operations for use in lookups definition grid.
Microsoft Dataverse Connection
  • New: Introduced connection.
NetSuite Connection
  • New: Updated web service proxy to version v2018.2.
  • New: Support for token-based authentication.
Package Connection
  • New: Support for packages stored in Integration Services (SSISDB) Catalog
Pardot Connection
  • New: Support for reading from 'Email', 'Email Stats' resources.
  • New: Authentication now placed in request header as required by service.
PureCloud Connection
  • New: Introduced connection.
QuickBooks Desktop Connection
  • New: Support for QuickBooks Online OAuth 2.0 authentication.
  • New: Updated QuickBooks Desktop web service proxy to version 13.
  • New: A new parameter QBXMLVersion for use with QuickBooks Desktop connections.
  • Fixed: Failed with error when using 'ItemSites' object (Thank you, Joel).
REST Connection
  • New: Ability to author configurations to arbitrary REST services.
  • New: Slight modifications in the RCM configuration format for improved consistency.
  • New: Getting Help now opens a more relevant documentation page (depending on the selected configuration and current tab).
  • New: Included option to tweak user agent of web browser used in 'New Token' wizard dialog.
REST Destination
  • New: Usability improvements in the UI for managing parameters.
REST Source
  • New: A new parameter Endpoint to explicitly specify the endpoint used for data retrieval.
  • New: Usability improvements in the UI for managing parameters.
  • New: A design-time log, accessible via a new 'View Log' button (for troubleshooting purposes).
  • New: Enhancements in the logging output.
Sailthru Connection
  • New: Introduced connection.
Salesforce Connection
  • New: Updated web service proxy to version 45.
Salesforce Source
  • New: Improved the metadata initialization when using SOQL statements (no more missing columns if the result contains empty fields).
  • New: Support for Bulk mode for SOQL statements.
  • Fixed: The "Preview" failed with "EXCEEDED_ID_LIMIT" error under some conditions.
Shopify Connection
  • New: Support for 'Inventory Item', 'Inventory Level', 'Inventory Location' resources.
Sisense Connection
  • New: Introduced connection.
SMTP Connection
  • New: A new parameter Pipelining.
  • New: A new parameter Chunking.
Sort Plus
  • New: Introduced component.
SSH Connection
  • New: A new parameter Compression.
  • New: Included support for Curve25519 elliptic curve algorithm.
WordPress Connection
  • New: Introduced connection.
Zoho CRM Connection
  • New: Included configuration for v2 API.
Zuora Connection
  • New: Support for ZOQL statements.