Installation of the AddIn is a simple setup.exe. This setup does require administrator access and needs to be run as administrator for installation.

The installation will add a new tab into Excel with the title COZYROC (Note: In Excel 2003, this will be a menu option but all other functionality is the same). This is where the SAS load/save commands will be located:


The Load button will open up a file dialog where you can specify a sas7bdat file to open. Upon opening, the data will be placed into the Excel spreadsheet.

Data is placed starting at the current cursor location and filling in the spreadsheet.

Conversions will be made to the appropriate type in Excel (SAS chars --> Excel strings, SAS numerics --> Excel floats).


The Query button allows you to bring up a window that can be used to query a SAS dataset using basic SQL commands.

Example queries:

  • SELECT Region,Product, Sales,subsidiary FROM Shoes WHERE Shoes > 20
  • SELECT * FROM Shoes WHERE Shoes > 20
  • SELECT * FROM Class WHERE sex='M' AND age > 13


The Save button will save a single Excel file to a single SAS dataset.

When saving from Excel to SAS, 2 options are available:

  • First row contains variable names

    This indicates whether the first row in Excel will contain the names of the SAS variables.

  • Number of rows to scan

    This represents the number of rows to scan to determine whether a column is a numeric or character. If, while scanning rows, the engine detects any chacarter,the variable in SAS will be a character variable.

Saving always starts using row/column of A1 and does not save from current cursor location.


The Help option takes you to this page on the CozyRoc website.


The About screen will show information such as the version number and the licensing information for the product.

Here is a sample of the About page.

For licensing the product, put in the Licensee name and then press the button to obtain the license key from the server.

Report Issues

If you encounter any issues, want to make a suggestion, or tell us pros/cons of the product, press this button to be directed to the COZYROC website. A representative of COZYROC will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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