Monday, April 18, 2022 - 07:23
2.0 Library
  • Fixed: [Core] SSIS Catalog package execution failures after installation on machine with SQL Server Data Tools installed. - 2948
  • Fixed: [SharePoint Source] Do not alphabetically sort the columns. - 2939
  • Fixed: [Sort Plus] The memory limit (in MaxMemoryAllowed) property was not respected very strictly in various situations.
  • New: [Sort Plus] Added new property LoggingLevel for controlling what gets logged and MaxParallelOffloads and BlobColumnsMaxBytes properties for more precise control over memory management. - 2864
  • Fixed: [Data Flow Task Plus] Issue with handling of asynchronous error output in a destination component with composite data. - 2925
  • Fixed: [Salesforce Source] Issue with parsing some SOQL queries with newlines. - 2936
  • New: Add support for multi table extract hyper file in Tableau destination. - 2926
  • New: [Data Flow Task Plus] Implemented to report improved error messages for COM exceptions. - 2923
  • Fixed: [MongoDB Destination][REST Destination][Fix] [MongoDB Destination][REST Destination] Included code to synchronize error output columns with main input during metadata reinitialize. Same code is already used in other destination components processing composites. - 2922
  • New: [Hubspot] Modified Scope parameter default to follow latest Hubspot guidelines. - 2917
  • New: [REST Destination] Enable extracting extra fields in error output, upon creating/updating records (via ErrorHandling.SuccessMessage definition). - 2911
  • Fixed: [Microsoft Common Data Service] Corrected not to create records when using Update action. - 2913
  • Fixed: [Smartsheet] Configure some text/number fields. - 2905
  • Fixed: [Visual Studio Addon] Missing context menu items in VS 2019. - 2898