When it comes to SSIS, COZYROC is the gold standard. With the COZYROC add-on suite, we are able to perform 95% of our development without having to write custom code. Custom components like the Salesforce and REST adapters allow us to directly and easily integrate data. Enhanced components like the Excel+, File Transfer and Table Difference provide more flexibility and options than the corresponding built-ins.

COZYROC provides unmatched support whether responding to email or a message board post or considering to customer enhancement requests. If you use SSIS, COZYROC is a must-have.

Seth BrodkinData Warehouse Analyst - RTI International

All the work you guys have done with Database Destination has been phenomenal and changed the very essence of SSIS as an ETL tool. When we first started looking into SSIS about a year ago some simple insert/update operations turned into 6-8 step SSIS data flows. After decades of using IBM tools this felt unnecessarily complicated and hard to accept. Luckily we found a solution from Database Destination component and got these operations simplified back to 1 step operations as we were used to. Even more we have been impressed by your support and ability to develop these components further by our feedback. Simply put, SSIS without Cozyroc’s SSIS+ and especially Database Destination component would not be my choice for ETL but with your help I feel it has been a rather good choice.

Mika ItkonenData Warehouse Analyst - TS-yhtymä Finland

Without the possibility to easily install, use, parameterize and manage Integration Services components, a lot of modern projects would not be able to be delivered in an acceptable amount of time, facing a lot of production delays and forcing manual implementation of the repeatable functionalities. For us at oh22, it is hard to imagine a lot of modern SSIS projects that would not require us to use the COZYROC components that provide us the comfort and the quality of the implementation, allowing us to focus on the delivery of the data integration and its quality.

Tillmann EitelbergManaging Partner - oh22information services GmbH

I have been using COZYROC over 8 years and have recommended it to hundreds of my clients over those years. The speed, ease of use and connection options give most businesses everything they need to move and transform data inside of SSIS. The COZYROC team continues to add new features and connectors and provide great service along the way. COZYROC provides a great value and reduces the time to build and connect to multiple systems.

Evan ChakiManaging Partner - Confluent

I use COZYROC’s SSIS tasks and components and recommend them to my customers. COZYROC tasks and components are affordable and just work.

Andy LeonardChief Data Engineer - Enterprise Data & Analytics

MetaBank finds that COZYROC’s tools provide easily configurable tools that allow us to perform more complex operations without additional coding. We have been able to implement these components across the entire team to allow for consistent use. The components provide flexibility beyond that of the stock components provided by Microsoft that work more intuitively than Microsoft tools. Because of the flexibility and intuitiveness of the components, paired with the fact that the components are used consistently across the team it speeds up development time for our ETL solutions.

Meta utilizes COZYROC for the following SSIS integration task. Excel Task, Send Mail Task Plus, Excel Destination Plus, Excel Source Plus, Lookup Plus, Dynamics CRM Destination, and Dynamics CRM Source.

Mark LannersDirector Database Administration - MetaBank

It extends SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) by adding tasks Microsoft hasn't, such as PGP encryption, SFTP, etc. It allows me to complete tasks in ETL that I previously relied on a programmer to write. When I've gotten stuck and Google was no help, I just emailed them and they provided great assistance. COZYROC allowed me to perform tasks I needed to do without needing a programmer. Any ETL designer can now do so much more than with the basic tasks provided by Microsoft. I've been able to automate so many more tedious tasks that were previously performed by human beings.

Connie BriggsData Architect - Innovative Employee Solutions

COZYROC’s library has really helped us deliver enhancements faster with its ease of development and features that let us focus on the business logic instead of the connection plumbing and low-level details. We have around 100+ SSIS jobs that are used for data processing in CRM. COZYROC’s library is a great tool to help with the CRM services and has led to enhanced SSIS functionality for us.

Jayant MishraSenior Project Manager - CSX Corporation

After struggling for years to complete simple tasks (such as zip, sftp, and encrypt) using SSIS I came across COZYROC and downloaded a trial version. I found that I was able to easily complete these tasks in a fraction of the time using the COZYROC tasks and components without having to do any coding using SSIS script tasks or components.

I routinely use the COZYROC zip, sftp, address parse and email send tasks and have used the Amazon S3, email send and SharePoint tasks on several occasions. COZYROC provides amazing online documentation and practical examples and their support team is very responsive and thorough in covering any and all questions and requests for support.

The time I have saved in development has more than paid off the investment in COZYROC components.

David DyeDatabase Developer - Voloridge

The Table Difference component is very useful in helping to synchronize vendor data with our own internal database.

Sandi AguirreMIS - BNSF Railway Company

COZYROC’s components library has saved us hours and hours of custom development work. We are able to quickly connect to a variety of sources using the out-of-the box connectors thus allowing us to focus on the critical business logic instead of re-inventing the wheel developing connections across different platforms. The license pays for itself a hundred-fold and the customer support is tough to beat.

James FrazierVP of Product Management - CrowdReason, LLC

The product is user friendly, intuitive, and just works well. Even more importantly, if we have questions of any kind, we always receive a very prompt and knowledgeable response for support. Our company, Altai Systems focuses on non-profit membership organizations. Each project presents extreme data migration and transformation issues. Using a SSIS based tool like CozyRoc has make our lives a lot easier.

John KlemetsrudSenior CRM Business Consultant and Guru - Altai Systems, Inc.

COZYROC has the tools you need for rapid app/database integration. E.g. legacy apps with Microsoft CRM & Sharepoint. Next we are looking forward to the REST components, there surely are sufficient amount of web APIs available. SSIS++

Timo ImpioArchitect, Information & Data Analytics - Bittium

When you pay the license fees for COZYROC software, not only are you getting a top quality product that does exactly what it says it does, but you are getting the best customer support you could ever wish for. Support has been patient with me as they talked me through problems, tutorials, and examples. They stay connected and committed until the problem is totally resolved. You just can't put a price on that type of service. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend COZYROC. I'm also excited to experiment with any of COZYROC's future endeavors.

Ike EllisPartner - Crafting Bytes

We had to import 480 tables from our Oracle source system into SQL Server using SSIS. This meant creating 480 data flow tasks due to the stock SSIS data flow task not being dynamic. However with COZYROC SSIS Data Flow Task Plus, which is dynamic, we were able to create four data flow tasks to import all the tables dynamically using data driven tables. This saved us a lot of mouse clicks and development time. Also we can add additional tables from our Oracle source system without having to amend the SSIS package, genius.

Mark DaytonSenior Data Warehouse Developer - Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Trust

For over 6 years COZYROC SSIS+ has been an integral part of our arsenal to tackle difficult ETL challenges, adding functionality while reducing development time. The sFTP, OpenPGP, ZIP tasks, just to name a few, are huge time savers. Also, the Lookup+, Data Flow+ and streaming components have become invaluable in simplifying complicated integrations, and allowing in-memory transformations that allow for more secure transport of sensitive data, not to mention a performance boost. There are many sources and destinations that are very helpful simplifying ETL development across many disparate source systems. The COZYROC support is superb, with an emailed response usually within the hour. COZYROC has proven to be a valuable and reliable technology partner.

Brad TorchinData Warehouse Manager - Las Vegas Sands Corp

Our company receives hundreds of thousands of small XML files tracking usage of our systems for performance analysis. Without the Parallel Loop Task we could never keep up with processing all the files that come in.

We’ve also moved our internal business processes to the cloud. Without the dynamic flow capabilities of COZYROC Data Flow Task Plus as well as the connection components for OpenAir and Salesforce we could never have saved money in licensing costs by providing read only versions of our cloud data to our internal employees who do not directly interact with our systems.

Mark TassinMCITP, MCSA | SR. DBA - Applied Systems, Inc.

Loving SSIS+ We were having some challenges getting some large extract queries to complete on our Tableau server so we tried SSIS+ since it has a Tableau Destination for TDE files. This has really been a godsend for us. Our queries are more efficient and we’ve been able to offload some processing from the Tableau server. We became the heroes in our department. Thanks COZYROC!

Calvin KnightSenior Data Warehouse Architect - Young Living Essential Oils

The COZYROC suite has saved me hundreds of hours of SSIS development work. The Data Flow Task Plus makes my packages dynamic and reusable, enabling me to quickly make updates without redeploying, and the Parallel Loop Task speeds up the execution without a lot of manual work. As someone who has spent years working with SSIS, I consider the COZYROC toolset to be a must have product.

Jeff HollowayBI Developer - mTrade

At first we used COZYROC's Table Difference and Zip components replace tasks we had solved with custom flows or external applications. Adding more and more ETLs saw us use DFT+ along with Parallel Loops to pull dozens of tables from hundreds of source databases. I cannot see any way we could have accomplished this without the COZYROC components or many more developers. The Template Components have allowed us to create transformation rules for specific columns based on an end-user configurable rule stored in the database. Before using COZYROC template component each new customer naming convention required updating a SQL UDF or code in the Script Component. We also make use of Lookup+ (clean way to update multiple values and default values for NULL or No match), Script Component+, SFTP, Excel Source, Receive Mail, Send Mail with exchange email boxes), SharePoint Source (to allow us to use SharePoint lists for end users and support to customize without editing tables). The support we receive from COZYROC is prompt and always helpful to resolve whatever issue we are having.

Wayne ArthurtonApplication Developer - Dimension Data

I have been using COZYROC’s SSIS tools for over 7 years and have 100s of packages running everyday using COZYROC’s custom components. I have never had an issue with their custom components and their customer service is outstanding. I have asked many questions on the best way to accomplish a task and have always received a fast response. I highly recommend COZYROC’s SSIS+ Library for anyone who develops SSIS packages.

Lee MoodyDatabase Administrator - Liggett Vector Brands

After having used a couple of SSIS frameworks, we have settled on COZYROC for its unparalleled combination of features and stability and have been using them for nearly 6 years. The support provided is second to none. COZYROC is a defacto choice for any of our critical SSIS implementations. With every release we have more confidence in its capabilities, ease of use and reliability.

Nitin Chandra SalgarDBA - Redbox

When I needed SSIS access to SalesForce objects, COZYROC provided the best solution. I was also able to get good connectivity to QuickBooks data.

Porter HorneDatabase Administrator - Wycliffe Bible Translators

We’re a small health care company that has been using COZYROC all the way back to 2007 when we first upgraded from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005 and “everything changed” from DTS to SSIS. COZYROC was right there with workable – and critical to our daily automated operations – SSIS components that Microsoft failed to include natively, such as PGP encryption & decryption tasks and Zip-related tasks. We have relied on COZYROC components for over a decade now without ever looking back. We also rely heavily on the FTP task component, HTML-formatted Send Mail task component, Excel source and destination components, as well as, the EDI source component. The EDI source component, while having a fairly challenging learning curve to author your first configuration file for, is unbeatable in its “simplicity” and flexibility, and is lightning fast! Lastly, we’re excited about future usage of some of the newer connectors, such as REST source and destination, OneDrive connection, and Google sheets

Tom DierickxIT Director - Arcadia Solutions

We started using COZYROC SSIS Tools back in 2011 when we were evaluating multiple CRM systems to replace our existing CRM system. COZYROC tools made it a breeze to move data back and forth between our SQL Server databases and Microsoft Dynamics CRM as well as Salesforce. COZYROC enabled us to rapidly transfer data among various systems for our CRM evaluation without having to write custom code to load and read data.

COZYROC SSIS Tools made it easy for us to get Salesforce rolled out to new teams over the years because we were able to effortlessly transfer data from other CRM systems, MS Excel, and csv files to Salesforce.

Jamal HashimSenior Software Engineer - Career Builder

COZYROC has been part of Allrecipes.com’s ETL toolset for the last 6 years. We are very happy with all components available but especially with sftp, Amazon S3 and enhanced script task because they make SSIS a much powerful tool. Our team has always impressed with COZYROC’s support response and willingness to help.

Abey GebrehiwotSenior Business Intelligence Developer - Allrecipes.com

Our team began using COZYROC about two years ago. Since then we’ve relied heavily on it for integrations with many varied systems. We’ve also leveraged the OpenPGP task for encrypting sensitive files. The Data Flow Task Plus component is outstanding and helped us out immensely when dealing with a csv source file that we have no control over, and which has frequently changing columns. COZYROC provides solutions for a lot of SSIS’s shortcomings and has saved countless hours that would have otherwise been spent writing custom scripts. In addition, COZYROC’s support is top tier. If you ever have a question, not matter how small, rest assured you will get a prompt answer.

Kyle O'SullivanSr. Data Warehouse Developer - Carbon Black

We have been using COZYROC for about ten years now on a number of servers at Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) in Northern California. The COZYROC SSIS add-ons have been very useful to us, especially since we deal with different types of databases and a wide range of other components. The COZYROC tools are very efficient, saving us substantial processing time, and making development easier. Although we seldom need to contact support, when we do, we always get what we need!

Mark ToutjianSenior Systems Analyst - Pacific Gas and Electric

COZYROC has helped us in many different ways. We've used it for data synchronization across multiple databases and systems. Ease of development, testing, and multiple flavors of different connectors are it's biggest strengths.
If you want a quick solution that requires easy way of connecting multiple systems, COZYROC is way to go!!

Jasmin CerkicData Architect - Echo Global Logistics

Our team heavily uses both CRM and SSIS from Microsoft to do data loads. With CRM you have to go through their APIs and cannot touch the database directly. There are other 3rd party solutions available, but they are expensive and the support is poor. With COZYROC we were able to obtain an affordable solution that is constantly updated to support whatever version of CRM we are using and the support team gives you the Ritz Carlton feel. Any time we have had an issue, the COZYROC responds promptly and diligently works through our issue with us. We’ve been using their tools for over 5 years and couldn’t be happier.

Geoff MooreVP Information Technology - ValMark Financial Group

I’ve been working with COZYROC for more than 5 years now and it is definitely the best packaged components for SSIS on the market. I’d have to say that using SSIS as an enterprise tool would be impractical without using COZYROC. Tech support has always been very responsive (although most of my technical issues have been my own doing and not the deficiencies of the components). COZYROC has also been very supportive in creating new interfaces to commercial services such as SurveyMonkey and ParseHub.

Bruce BarthCTO - The PAN Foundation