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COZYROC was a strong believer in the potential of SQL Server Integration Services from the start. The power, the speed, the well-thought-out design, the extensibility - it was all there. We have decided to challenge ourselves and put our passion and zeal to work to make the best ETL platform on the market even better - without breaking the bank. We are continuously pushing the envelope of working with SSIS - expanding possibilities and improving developers' productivity. Here's a list of some of our notable innovations over the years:

  • [2007] Reusable scripts and repository.
  • [2008] Processing EDI files.
  • [2009] Overcome one of the biggest SSIS limitations - having to design packages that work only with a fixed set of columns. Do more with less with Dynamic Data Flows.
  • [2009] Introduced the first SSIS adapters ever to interface with hosted applications - Salesforce and SharePoint.
  • [2010] Ability to execute multiple loop iterations simultaneously in parallel using Parallel Loop Task.
  • [2013] Composite records technology for handling complex integrations with any application.
  • [2017] Enable consuming virtually any Web APIs via the most customizable Advanced REST Framework.
  • [2018] Easily author and maintain custom SSIS scripts with JavaScript.
  • [2019] Employ SSIS in automating near real-time integration scenario with SSIS NoW.
  • [2020] Bulk load & upsert for all major databases (ADO.NET, OLEDB, ODBC) with Database Destination.
  • [2021] Fully hosted package executions for no-hassle data integration at COZYROC Cloud.

Many of our customers will agree - we have delivered on this vision and have helped them simplify their efforts tremendously. Some are not shy to share that they even love our products. We are happy to share the love back with the community and our legacy shows it. COZYROC believes the best way to predict the future is to invent it yourself. Look forward to being amazed. Again!

Do you find the solutions we develop exciting? Dare to join our amazing team and make the future happen? We would love to hear from you.