COZYROC SSIS+ Components Suite

Yearly license renewal. PayPal will automatically charge your payment method on the expiration date for the next subscription period. Your price stays the same as long as your subscription is current. Additional purchases are at your original price.

COZYROC SSIS+ 2.2 Lifetime
$7,999one-time payment

  • Perpetual license keys for the SSIS+ 2.2 (for one server)
  • Eligible for all SSIS+ 2.2 service releases
  • Free to use in Visual Studio
  • Regular free support
    (Provided thru the forum, email and phone.
    Includes also licensing and installation assistance.)
Permanent license (no expiration). The license is for the version of the SSIS+ Suite you purchased and related service releases only.
  • The library is licensed per server.
  • Individual components are not sold separately.
  • You need to purchase a license when executing SSIS packages on a scheduled basis (e.g. via SQL Job Agent) and command-line (e.g. via dtexec.exe).
  • You may request a free 30-day time-limited license key for testing purposes. Please review the license instructions.
Payment Types

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License Explanation Videos

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COZYROC SSIS+ Premium Priority Support

$499.95per year

  • Priority over regular free support
  • Guaranteed one business day response time
  • Includes support for up to 10 perpetual licenses
Yearly support renewal required. Includes support for up to 10 perpetual licenses purchased by a single buyer. Please contact us for more than 10 licenses.

COZYROC USPS Address Database for SSIS+

COZYROC USPS Address Database$299.95one time purchase

  • Purchase USPS Address Database for May 2024.
  • Non-refundable purchase.

COZYROC USPS Address Database Up-to-date $2,399.95one year subscription

  • Monthly update of USPS Address Database.
  • Non-refundable purchase


$2,499.95per year

  • Adapters for integration with SAS® Analytics.
  • Yearly renewal required.

COZYROC Excel Add-in for SAS®

$199.95per year

  • Yearly license renewal.
  • One license per desktop.

Purchase Orders

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