Tuesday, March 1, 2022 - 05:29
2.0 Library
  • Fixed: [Database Destination] Proper handling of DT_DBTIME2 and DT_DBTIMESTAMPOFFSET input column types when using OLE DB driver.
  • Fixed: [General] Preview in some source components editors was very slow when displaying many columns.
  • Fixed: [Installer] When doing silent install on server with SQL Server 2019 and no Visual Studio, the Jurassic.v4.5.dll was not installed in GAC.
  • Fixed: [JavaScript] Don't wrap undefined and null in utils.ensureArray function.
  • Fixed: [LDAP Destination] Properly handle input columns of type DT_TEXT/DT_NTEXT.
  • Fixed: [Microsoft Common Data Service] Lookup fields reset.
  • Fixed: [REST] Additional conditions when action request has to be made.
  • Fixed: [REST] Do not ignore NULL fields in Set.
  • Fixed: [REST] Incorrect handling of text content response.
  • New: [Installer] Eliminate dependency issue, related to Microsoft.Diagnostics.Tracing.EventSource.dll occasionally removed from GAC.
  • New: [JSON Source] Support parsing of date values in case the output column has been manually changed to a date one.
  • New: [Microsoft Common Data Service] Fix not to format null input for Date.