Monday, October 4, 2021 - 07:44
2.0 Library
  • Fixed: [Data Flow Task Plus] Failure to process with not mapped column definition and specified mandatory list.
  • Fixed: [Google BigQuery] Failed to read from Tabledata resource.
  • Fixed: [Google Drive] Item root folder was not configured properly.
  • Fixed: [Microsoft CDS] issues with lookup type fields.
  • Fixed: [ODBC Destination] issue when inserting NULL values in numeric field with precision > 15 in PostgreSQL
  • Fixed: [Query] Use double quote (") for quoting names, because the square brackets are supported only by SQL Server.
  • Fixed: [REST Destination] Issue with configuring composite fields.
  • Fixed: [REST Source] a rare issue with processing fields in composite objects
  • Fixed: [REST] Issue with processing JSON with numbers expressed in scientific notation, where the second part starts with a zero (e.g. -7E-05)
  • New: [Salesforce Source] Optimizations and fixes in metadata initialization