Sunday, August 8, 2021 - 00:48
2.0 Library
  • Fixed: [Data Flow Task Plus] Depending on how project/solution is loaded in Visual Studio, the editor was not displayed on double-click
  • Fixed: [Database Destination] Error when SQL Server destination table uses user-defined type, as aliases
  • Fixed: [Database Destination] In SQL Server the TempSchema property was ignored (tempdb was always used)
  • Fixed: [File Transfer Task] Backwards compatibility issue (introduced in build 2249) remote folder name when sending a single file
  • Fixed: [Google Sheets] Issue with file cache
  • Fixed: [Package Connection] Visual issue when referencing a package (only in high-DPI)
  • Fixed: [REST Connection] Some HTTP requests were not retried in accordance with the Retry settings in the Advanced tab
  • New: [EDI Destination] Add support for escaping delimiters
  • New: [Installer] Abort the setup if SSIS/SSDT prerequisites are not installed
  • New: [JavaScript] Expose additional properties and methods of Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime.Variable to use in JS scripting
  • New: [LinkedIn] The client id and secret are now configurable during the token generation