Monday, December 10, 2018 - 07:36
Library 1.9
  • New: Support for Zoho CRM v2 API.
  • New: JavaScript Component display of "Mappings" tab is controlled in the script
  • New: JavaScript Component now shows a readonly metadata report ("Input columns" and "Inputs and Outputs" are retired)
  • New: Support for afterEdit for JavaScript parameters
  • New: Helper methods for JavaScript Component in component.metadata.js
  • New: More declarative JavaScript validation via built-in functions like validation.required (breaking change)
  • New: Getting Help in the REST Connection Manager Editor now opens a more relevant documentation page (depending on the selected configuration and current tab)
  • New: Improve the metadata initialization in Salesforce Source when using SOQL statements (no more missing columns if result contains empty fields)
  • Fixed: The "Preview" of Salesforce Source data failed with "EXCEEDED_ID_LIMIT" error under some conditions.
  • Fixed: JavaScript Component affected Data Viewers in the Data Flow
  • Fixed: F1 was not working properly in some editor forms