Released COZYROC SSIS+ 1.8 SR-3 ( The release includes the following major changes:

Data Flow Task Plus
HubSpot Connection
  • Fixed: Various fixes and enhancements.
Jira Connection
  • Fixed: Failed to update fields of type 'option-with-child' (Thank you, Keerthi).
  • Fixed: Failure when the output column for a specific input column was renamed in the Advanced editor (Thank you, Dave).
  • Fixed: Failure with an incomprehensible error when the input column(s) referenced in the On NULL and No Match definitions are not found (Thank you, John).
Magento Connection
  • Fixed: 'Catalog Category' resource now shows defined hierarchy.
  • Fixed: Failed with error 'Property "SalesorderId" does not have accessor method "getSalesorderId" in class ...' when trying to create record in 'Sales Order Comment' resource (Thank you, Elisabeth).
Salesforce Destination
  • Fixed: Id field was not included in the list of available mapping columns when using Upsert action.
SSH Connection
  • Fixed: Failed with error "The connection was closed by the server." when transferring large files with certain remote server software.
SurveyMonkey Connection
  • Fixed: Incorrect composite definitions.
  • Fixed: Question detail was not retrieved (Thank you, Stu).
  • Fixed: Failed to create a record in 'Survey Collector' resource (Thank you, Joelle).
Zip Task
  • Fixed: Failed with error "Cannot be less than zero Parameter name: value" when decompressing Tar package containing file larger than 8gb (Thank you, Linson).