Template Component is SSIS Data Flow Component providing ability to setup data flow output text columns, based on other input columns and package variables and a template. The template definition is based on Apache Velocity engine.


The component setup dialog consists of three parts:

  • Grid to define result columns.
  • Variables and column reference tree.
  • Template definition editor.


Select result column type. This property has the options listed in the following table.

Value Description
<add as new column> A new output column is setup for result.
Replace '...' Selected existing input column is replaced with the template result.

Specify result column name.

Build a template that uses a variable or an input column by dragging the variable or column from the list of available variables and columns to the template edit window.

Specify result column template. The value of this property can be specified by using a property expression.

What is the difference between Template Task and Template Component?

Template Task have to be used when you would like to generate complex document, with input from multiple data flows. The Template component is recommended when you would like to generate result document, based only on one data flow input columns.