NetSuite Connection Manager is SSIS Connection Manager for establishing NetSuite connections. Use the API to build components based on NetSuite Connection Manager.


Use the NetSuite Connection Manager dialog to specify properties for connecting to NetSuite service.

Server Options

Specify user name to access NetSuite.

Specify password to access NetSuite.

Specify accountID to access NetSuite. You can confirm your accountID in the NetSuite UI. As administrator, go to Support > Customer Service > Contact Support by Phone. Your account number is displayed in a pop-up box.

Specify role to access NetSuite. If you don't specify a role, the user's default role is used. Check below list of standard roles:

Value Role
1 Accountant
2 Accountant (Reviewer)
3 Administrator (default)
4 A/P Clerk
5 A/R Clerk
6 Bookkeeper
7 CEO (Hands Off )
9 Sales Manager
10 Sales Person
11 Store Manager
12 Support Manager
13 Support Person
14 Customer Center
15 Employee Center
16 Vendor Center
18 Full Access
19 Warehouse Manager
20 Payroll Manager
22 Intranet Manager
23 Marketing Manager
24 Marketing Assistant
25 System Administrator
26 Sales Administrator
27 Support Administrator
28 Marketing Administrator
30 NetSuite Support Center

Specify application identifier to access NetSuite. To generate new application identifier follow these steps:

  1. Log in to NetSuite.
  2. Go to Setup > Integration > Manage Integrations > New.
  3. Enter a Name for the application that will be integrating with NetSuite.
  4. Make sure the box for Token-Based Authentication is unchecked and only the box for User Credentials is checked. Click Save.
  5. Copy-and-paste the generated Application ID.

Specify the number of seconds before timing out session connect. The default value of this property is 100 seconds.

Specify if all clients should use the same connection. This property has the options listed in the following table.

Value Description
True All clients use same connection (default).
False Every client use different connection.
Test Connection

Confirm connection manager configuration by clicking Test Connection.

Advanced Options

Specify NetSuite service URL. This property should be explicitly specified when doing sandbox testing. Sample URLs:

  • https://webservices.sandbox.netsuite.com/services/NetSuitePort_2011_1

Proxy Options

Specify the name or IP address of the proxy server. If not specified, proxy server is not used.

Specify the port number on the proxy server to use for the connection.

Specify user name to access the proxy server.

Specify password to access the proxy server.

How to trace the web services calls in use?

We recommend using the Fiddler tracing application. Make sure you enable HTTPS tracing option before you start your trace.

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