The Address Parse Component is an SSIS Data Flow Component for parsing, correcting and standardizing Addresses in the United States. With an optional purchase of the latest USPS reference database containing more than 120 million addresses, you can verify your addresses and avoid costly errors. The following output columns are generated from successfully parsed address:

  • Standardized - The postal address in standard format.
  • Type - Type of address
  • Leading - Information before address.
  • Street - Street name
  • Number - Street / P.O. Box number
  • Suite - Suite
  • City - City
  • State - US State
  • Zip - 5 digit Zip code
  • Barcode 1.4 SR-3 - 12 digit delivery point barcode. A purchase of the USPS Address Reference database is required.
  • Predirection 1.5 SR-4 - Pre-direction.
  • Suffix 1.5 SR-4 - Suffix.
  • Postdirection 1.5 SR-4 - Post-direction.


Use the options below to set up the Address Parse component for processing. The component dialog contains the following elements:

  • General tab - specify parsed address quality, verification in the reference database and how to handle rows that cannot be parsed.
  • Mapping tab – select the column containing the address to process.
  • Error Output tab - specify error handling options.


Low quality addresses are permitted.

Only high quality addresses are permitted.

Indicate that the address should be checked in the reference database. An address which cannot be uniquely identified is returned as non-parseable. This option is enabled when you purchase the optional USPS reference database.

Indicate that the address and city elements are explicitly separated by a newline character.

Select an option for handling rows with non-parseable addresses.

When you select Redirect rows to no parse output, the rows are redirected to a “no parse output” and are not handled as errors. The Error option on the Error Output page of the Address Parse Editor dialog box is not available.

When you select any other option in the Specify how to handle non-parseable addresses list box, the rows that are non-parseable are handled as errors. The Error option on the Error Output page is available.

Diagnostic Information 1.4 SR-3

When this component is used with the USPS reference database, it can provide additional diagnostic information when the address is not found. The information is provided in the standard error output's error code column. See the codes and descriptions listed in the following table.

Value Description
100 No information available.
101 Address is invalid.
102 Address is incomplete.
103 Street not found.
104 Number is invalid.
105 Unable to load streets list.
106 Multiple address matches.

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