DEPRECATED: Starting with SSIS+ 1.9, the .NET scripts are no longer maintained. Use the provided JavaScript alternative scripts instead.
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Data flow destination, providing easier to use alternative of the standard OLEDB Command transformation for updating table content.


The script has the following parameters:

  • ConnectionType - selects connection type: ADO.NET or OLEDB.
  • Connection - selects connection.
  • Table - selects destination table.
  • Action - selects component action for destination table:
    • Insert - insert data.
    • InsertUpdate - insert data. If insert fails, use update.
    • UpdateInsert - update data. If update fails, use insert.
    • Update - update data.
    • Delete - delete data.
  • PrimaryKeys - selects destination table primary key columns.
  • InsertedVariable - selects variable to store number of rows inserted. Optional.
  • UpdatedVariable - selects variable to store number of rows updated. Optional.
  • DeletedVariable - selects variable to store number of rows deleted. Optional.
  • ErrorRowDisposition - selects how to handle errors in input rows:
    • RD_NotUsed or RD_IgnoreFailure - errors are ignored.
    • RD_RedirectRow - errors are redirected to error output.
    • RD_FailComponent - errors cause component to fail.


Depends on COZYROC Script Component Plus for implementing parameters user interface.
Requires installation of COZYROC SSIS+ 1.4 SR-3 library.

Library references

  • System
  • System.Data
  • Microsoft.SqlServer.TxScript
  • Microsoft.SqlServer.PipelineHost
  • Microsoft.SqlServer.DTSPipelineWrap
  • Microsoft.SqlServer.DTSRuntimeWrap
  • Microsoft.SqlServer.ManagedDTS
  • CozyRoc.SSISPlus
  • System.XML