DEPRECATED: Starting with SSIS+ 1.9, the .NET scripts are no longer maintained. Use the provided JavaScript alternative scripts instead.
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Script task to upload or download file using HTTP protocol.


The script has the following parameters:

  • ProxyUrl - HTTP proxy URL (optional).
  • Username - user name credential (optional).
  • Password - password credential (optional).
  • IgnoreServerCertificate - enable or disable server certificate validation.
  • Action - task action (upload or download).
  • RemoteUrl - remote file location.
  • SourceFile - upload from source file.
  • TargetFile - download to target file.
  • Method - method used to upload file. If not specified default is POST.
  • Headers - additional web request headers (optional). Syntax is [name]=[value]. Multiple headers are separated with newline.


Depends on System.Net.WebClient for HTTP operations.

Depends on COZYROC Script Task Plus for implementing parameters user interface.

Library references

  • System
  • System.Data
  • Microsoft.SqlServer.ScriptTask
  • Microsoft.SqlServer.ManagedDTS
  • CozyRoc.SSISPlus
  • System.Web