Thursday, July 22, 2021 - 03:16
2.0 Library

NOTE: The build has introduced a regression in File Transfer Task, when sending a single file or a stream. The issue will be fixed in the upcoming build.

  • Fixed: [Blackbaud] Pagination definitions for the School endpoints are now in the base template.
  • Fixed: [Data Flow Task Plus] Define empty mapping for configured destination columns.
  • Fixed: [Data Flow Task Plus] Detect when multiple source columns are mapped into the same destination column.
  • Fixed: [Data Flow Task Plus] Fixed issue related to Flat File Connection and downstream failures after first iterations
  • Fixed: [Data Flow Task Plus] Issue with executing against SQL Server 2012
  • Fixed: [DataFlow Source] Issue when using in dynamic data flows
  • Fixed: [Database Destination] Error message missing when DB2 ADO.NET driver is used and the component is set to fail.
  • Fixed: [Database Destination] Issue with default value for BIT data type in ODBC
  • Fixed: [EDI Connection] Crash upon changing metadata in the EDI configuration file
  • Fixed: [EDI Connection] Crash when Windows FIPS-only security setting is enabled
  • Fixed: [EDI Destination] Remove redundant subcomponent separator.
  • Fixed: [File Transfer Task] Enable specifying different local file name when uploading a file.
  • Fixed: [File Transfer Task] Upload with specified full remote file path failed.
  • Fixed: [Google BigQuery] Included definition for NUMERIC field type.
  • Fixed: [Microsoft CDS] A regression issue.
  • Fixed: [Microsoft Dataverse] Modified to more reliably set the resource key field
  • Fixed: [Mongo DB Connection] The "replicaSet" parameter is now optional
  • Fixed: [REST Connection] Skip problematic empty path in Open API files
  • Fixed: [Salesforce Destination] NullReferenceException error related to external columns with custom properties
  • Fixed: [ServiceNow] Retrieve less fields to construct the resources metadata.
  • Fixed: [UiPath] Disabled Read for Log resource.
  • New: [Blackbaud] Included support for new NXT endpoints.
  • New: [Dynamics CRM] All creating connection manager without specifying "Organization" parameter" (workaround for the disabling of the discovery service for Dynamics 365).
  • New: [EDI Connection] Validation for problematic characters in xmlTag in EDI config files
  • New: [Google BigQuery] Implemented support for nested (RECORD) fields.