Released COZYROC SSIS+ 1.9 SR-2 ( The release includes the following major changes:

Copper Connection
  • New: Configure array for parameters with suffix _ids.
Dynamics Business Central Connection
  • Fixed: Failed with error "undefined cannot be converted to an object" when trying to Create/Update entity records (Thank you, Abdelhadi).
  • New: Support for navigation properties.
Excel Source
  • Fixed: Processing of columns with type different from string failed for cultures that are not invariant (Thank you, John).
File Transfer Task
  • Fixed: Specifying only wildcard for the Remote parameter (no folder) caused failure when using 'Receive Action' (Thank you, Mark).
Google Drive Connection
  • New: Error when browsing a folder containing items with double quote (") characters (Thank you, Rob).
JSON Destination
  • New: Failed to process when used in a dynamic data flow.
  • New: Support for data streaming.
Kafka Connection
  • New: Additional SSL parameters.
KRONOS Connection
  • New: Defined hr_customFields and pay_info fields under Employee resource.
LDAP Destination
  • New: Support for object rename.
  • New: Support for setting user passwords.
  • New: Improved error reporting.
Microsoft Dataverse Connection
  • Fixed: Field's metadata was not updated after FetchXml parameter modification (Thank you, Paul).
Microsoft Graph Connection
  • New: Improved handling of SharePoint list lookup fields (Thank you, Eric).
  • New: Included definitions to retrieve Drive in Site/User/Group resources (Thank you, Drew).
  • New: Support for delta endpoint in Message resource.
  • Breaking Change: Modified 'Site | List Item' resource to configure more user-friendly column names.
OpenAir Connection
  • New: Included UserWorkschedule type.
Parallel Loop Task
  • Fixed: Failed with error "The object cannot be added because another object with the same name already exists in the collection. Use a different name to resolve this error." when executing parent -> child package with duplicate parameters in both packages (Thank you, Manuel).
Parquet Destination
  • Fixed: Incorrect lower-case headers (Thank you, Romain).
  • Fixed: Missing record in each batch of records (Thank you, Romain).
Parquet Source
  • Fixed: Incorrect lower-case headers (Thank you, Romain).
  • Fixed: Failed with error "System.IO.EndOfStreamException: Unable to read beyond the end of the stream." (Thank you, Naveen).
  • New: Considerable performance improvements.
  • Fixed: Data mismatch when reading from certain files (Thank you, Jessica).
PDF Source
  • New: A new parameter 'Skip incomplete data rows'.
  • New: Find table by index, regex or both. (replace TableIndex with TableFindBy and TableFind)
Power BI connection
  • Fixed: tenant parameter was not used during OAuth token generation.
  • Fixed: Various fixes and enhancements (Thank you, Pat).
QuickBooks Desktop Connection
  • New: Support for TLS 1.1 and 1.2 protocols in QuickBooks Desktop Edition Gateway.
RabbitMQ Connection
  • Fixed: Package unable to finish execution when the package is deployed in 'SSIS Catalog' (Thank you, Victor).
REST Destination
  • New: Performance improvement in multithread processing.
Sage Intacct Connection
  • New: Improved response processing performance.
  • Fixed: Incorrect caching of all object relationship fields, instead of only loading from the list selected in relationshipFields parameter. (Thank you, James).
  • New: Support for create_sotransaction action.
  • New: 'Attachment Legacy' resource.
Salesforce Source
  • Fixed: Got NULL when an output column name differs from an external column name. (Thank you, Lucas)
  • Fixed: Failed with error "System.ObjectDisposedException: Cannot access a disposed object." when reading data in bulk. (Thank you, Venkat)
Shopify Connection
  • Fixed: Two resources having the same Transaction name.
  • New: Replaced deprecated 'Discount' resource with the new 'Discount | Price Rule' and 'Discount | Discount Code' resources.
Smartsheet Connection
  • Fixed: Failed to generate authentication token using Edge browser (Thank you, Gbade).
SSH Connection
  • Fixed: A regresion with "Access denied" error when trying to upload a file on certain servers (Thank you, Tyler).
  • New: Support for file permissions update using File Transfer Task AdditionalOptions parameter.
XML Destination
  • New: Support for external XSD references when initializing the document model.
  • New: Improved support for namespaces, self-referencing elements, attribute group references and simple type restrictions.
  • Fixed: Attributes namespaces.
  • Fixed: Incorrect default scale for decimal fields.
  • New: Support for data streaming.
Zendesk Connection
  • New: Included cursor pagination for Ticket and User resources.
Zip Task
  • New: Support for Deflate64 algorithm in decompression.
Zuora Connection