Released COZYROC SSIS+ 1.9 SR-2 ( The release includes the following major changes:

ArcGIS Feature Connection
  • Fixed: Various fixes (Thank you, Carl).
Data Flow Task Plus
  • Fixed: Failed with error "Field 'CozyRoc.SqlServer.SSIS.DataFlowSource.m_destination' not found." when using COZYROC Data Flow Source component (Thank you, Arun).
  • Fixed: Output column error and truncation row disposition were not configured for most source components (Thank you, Dan).
Excel Source
  • New: Cell value format can now be configured with LocaleID property.
Google Analytics Connection
  • Fixed: Failed with error "Invalid value at 'report_requests[0].page_token' (TYPE_STRING), 200" when reading Report resource (Thank you, Cameron).
Google BigQuery Connection
  • Fixed: Only first 10000 rows read from Query resource (Thank you, Sebastian).
  • Fixed: Data retrieved for Query resource was not populated in the correct columns (Thank you, Patrick).
  • Fixed: Data retrieved for Tabledata resource was not populated in the correct columns (Thank you, Angel).
LDAP Destination
  • Fixed: Update action failed with error "A value in the request is invalid." (Thank you, Doug).
  • Fixed: Failed with error "Column data type DT_STR is not supported by the PipelineBuffer class" when trying to process input columns of type DT_STR (Thank you, Megha).
  • New: Ability to specify special characters in On NULL and No Match definitions.
Mailchimp Connection
  • Fixed: Only 10 merge fields appeared in 'List Member' resource (Thank you, Jo).
  • Fixed: Inserting data into 'List Member' resource failed with error "Index was outside the bounds of the array" when service reported error (Thank you, Steve).
  • Fixed: Failed to update data in 'List Member' resource (Thank you, Steve).
MongoDB Connection
  • New: Support for TLS 1.1 protocol and above.
MongoDB Destination
  • Fixed: Failed with error "Command 'listCollections' failed: command not found..." when using MongoDB Atlas (Thank you, Raphael).
MongoDB Source
  • New: Add a custom editor for improved design-time experience.
  • New: Improved support for UUID data.
REST Source
  • Fixed: Unable to resize columns in Preview tab.
SAS Data Destination
  • New: 500% writing performance improvement.
SAS Data Source
  • New: 350% reading performance improvement.
Script Component Plus
  • Fixed: Failed to link to script when using SSDT for Visual Studio 2015 (Thank you, Shaikshavali).
Smartsheet Connection
  • Fixed: Failed with error "Array attributes may not contain null elements: row.cells[]." when updating sheet data (Thank you, Cesar).
SSH Connection
  • New: Modified to permit weaker server RSA keys (512 bits).
Trello Connection
  • Fixed: Resource create or update was not working (Thank you, Pablo).
Zuora Connection
  • Fixed: Unable to retrieve data from account resource (Thank you, Angel).