Released COZYROC SSIS+ 1.7 SR-3 ( The release includes the following major changes:

ArcGIS Feature Connection
  • Fixed: Various fixes.
Dropbox Connection
  • Fixed: Failed to retrieve files from the root folder.
Dynamics CRM Destination
  • Fixed: Component was not detecting boolean input values properly because of a different case when IgnoreUnchanged parameter was set to True.
File Transfer Task
  • Fixed: Local file modified time was incorrectly set to the remote file modified time when the local file exists and OverwriteLocal parameter was set to False.
Google Admin Connection
  • Fixed: Fixes in 'Member' resource.
Google Drive Connection
  • Fixed: Failed with error "Invalid field selection fileId" when reading from Permission resource (Thank you, Karen).
  • Fixed: Dialog was cancelled even when user has explicitly set not to cancel.
ODBC Destination
  • Fixed: Component didn't process the milliseconds of timestamp columns properly (Thank you, Irawan).
Pardot Connection
  • Fixed: The definition for result extraction was incorrect.
SharePoint Connection
  • Fixed: File Transfer Task was not working properly because of different file name case.
  • Fixed: File Transfer Task 'Create Remote Directory', 'Remove Remote Files', 'Rename Remote File' actions did not work properly when used with SharePoint sub-site.
  • Fixed: File Transfer Task did not report failure errors.