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REST Configurations

ArcGIS Feature
Fleet Complete
Google Admin
Google Calendar
Google Drive
Google Sheets
Google Tasks
Zoho CRM

SSIS Control Flow Tasks

Data Flow Task PlusData Flow Task Plus Data Flow Task Plus
Extends Microsoft Data Flow task for greater usability and maintenance.
Database PartitionsDatabase Partitions Database Partitions Task
Handles the intricacies of partitioning allowing you to concentrate on your workflow.
Script Task PlusScript Task Plus Script Task Plus
Extends Microsoft Script task for greater usability and maintenance.
SFTP TaskSFTP Task Secure FTP Task
Securely send, receive, delete, or rename files, create and remove directories.
Zip TaskZip Task Zip Task
Compression and decompression of Zip, GZip, BZip2, Unix, Tar archives.
SSH Execute TaskSSH Execute Task SSH Execute Task
Secure execution of shell commands on a remote SSH server.
OpenPGP TaskOpenPGP Task OpenPGP Task
Public-Private key encryption with OpenPGP standard.
Amazon S3 TaskAmazon S3 Task Amazon S3 Task
Send, receive, delete and list files on Amazon S3 service.
Jabber TaskJabber Task Jabber Task
Bidirectional communication with Jabber clients.
Stream TaskStream Task Stream Task
Management of standard Stream objects.
Template TaskTemplate Task Template Task
Generation of arbitrary text documents.
SCP TaskSCP Task SCP Task
Secure copying of files.
Send Mail Task PlusSend Mail Task Plus Send Mail Task Plus
Enhanced task for sending emails with support for security.
Receive Mail TaskReceive Mail Task Receive Mail Task
Receive emails with support for security.
Excel TaskExcel Task Excel Task
Management of Microsoft Excel workbooks.
Parallel Loop TaskParallel Loop Task Parallel Loop Task
Concurrent Foreach loop execution.
File Transfer TaskFile Transfer Task File Transfer Task
Send, receive, delete, or rename remote files, create and remove directories.

SSIS Data Flow Components

SAS® Data SourceSAS® Data Source SAS® Data Source (Premium)
Load data from SAS® sas7bdat file.
SAS® Data DestinationSAS® Data Destination SAS® Data Destination (Premium)
Store data to SAS® sas7bdat file.
Data Flow SourceData Flow Source Data Flow Source
Very fast, non-blocking, in-memory data read from another data flow.
Data Flow DestinationData Flow Destination Data Flow Destination
Exposes data from a data flow for in-memory read in another data flow.
Oracle DestinationOracle Destination Oracle Destination
Very fast bulk-load of data in Oracle table.
DB2 DestinationDB2 Destination DB2 Destination
Very fast bulk-load of data in DB2 table.
Informix DestinationInformix Destination Informix Destination
Very fast bulk-load of data in Informix table.
EDI SourceEDI Source EDI Source
Reader for EDI format files.
Script Component PlusScript Component Plus Script Component Plus
Extends Microsoft Script component for greater usability and maintenance.
Address ParseAddress Parse Address Parse
US Postal Address parse and correction.
ODBC DestinationODBC Destination ODBC Destination
Regular and bulk-load of data in ODBC table.
Lookup PlusLookup Plus Lookup Plus
Simplified and enhanced lookup transformation.
Salesforce SourceSalesforce Source Salesforce Source
Load data from Salesforce service.
Salesforce DestinationSalesforce Destination Salesforce Destination
Store data to Salesforce service.
Table DifferenceTable Difference Table Difference
Detect table differences faster than standard SCD component.
Flow SynchronizationFlow Synchronization Flow Synchronization
Make data flows run with same speed.
Dynamics CRM SourceDynamics CRM Source Dynamics CRM Source
Load data from Dynamics CRM service.
Dynamics CRM DestinationDynamics CRM Destination Dynamics CRM Destination
Store data to Dynamics CRM service.
Excel Source PlusExcel Source Plus Excel Source Plus
Load data from Microsoft Excel workbook.
Excel Destination PlusExcel Destination Plus Excel Destination Plus
Store data to Microsoft Excel workbook.
SharePoint SourceSharePoint Source SharePoint Source
Load data from Microsoft SharePoint list.
SharePoint DestinationSharePoint Destination SharePoint Destination
Store data to Microsoft SharePoint list.
Dynamics AX SourceDynamics AX Source Dynamics AX Source
Load data from Dynamics AX server.
Dynamics AX DestinationDynamics AX Destination Dynamics AX Destination
Store data to Dynamics AX server.
SugarCRM SourceSugarCRM Source SugarCRM Source
Load data from SugarCRM service.
SugarCRM DestinationSugarCRM Destination SugarCRM Destination
Store data to SugarCRM service.
Dynamics NAV SourceDynamics NAV Source Dynamics NAV Source
Load data from Dynamics NAV service.
Dynamics NAV DestinationDynamics NAV Destination Dynamics NAV Destination
Store data to Dynamics NAV service.
NetSuite SourceNetSuite Source NetSuite Source
Load data from NetSuite service.
NetSuite DestinationNetSuite Destination NetSuite Destination
Store data to NetSuite service.
Dynamics GP SourceDynamics GP Source Dynamics GP Source
Load data from Dynamics GP service.
Dynamics GP DestinationDynamics GP Destination Dynamics GP Destination
Store data to Dynamics GP service.
Sage SourceSage Source Sage Source
Load data from Sage SData service.
Sage DestinationSage Destination Sage Destination
Store data to Sage SData service.
OpenAir SourceOpenAir Source OpenAir Source
Load data from OpenAir service.
OpenAir DestinationOpenAir Destination OpenAir Destination
Store data to OpenAir service.
Teradata SourceTeradata Source Teradata Source
Fast bulk-load of data from Teradata table.
Teradata DestinationTeradata Destination Teradata Destination
Very fast bulk-load of data in Teradata table.
QuickBooks SourceQuickBooks Source QuickBooks Source
Load data from QuickBooks service.
QuickBooks DestinationQuickBooks Destination QuickBooks Destination
Store data to QuickBooks service.
QueryQuery Query
Query data based on data flow input.
Sybase DestinationSybase Destination Sybase Destination
Very fast bulk-load of data in Sybase table.
TemplateTemplate Template
Arbitrary text generation in data flow.
Tableau DestinationTableau Destination Tableau Destination
Create Tableau Data Extract (TDE) files.
QlikView SourceQlikView Source QlikView Source
Load data from QlikView QVX file.
QlikView DestinationQlikView Destination QlikView Destination
Create QlikView QVX files.
REST SourceREST Source REST Source
Load data from REST resource.
REST DestinationREST Destination REST Destination
Store data to REST resource.

SSIS Connection Managers

SSH Connection ManagerSSH Connection Manager
Secure connections with SSH-enabled server.
Package Connection ManagerPackage Connection Manager
Get access to the current or different package at runtime.

Amazon S3 Connection ManagerAmazon S3 Connection Manager
Connections with Amazon S3 service.
Jabber Connection ManagerJabber Connection Manager
Connections with Jabber servers.

FTPS Connection ManagerFTPS Connection Manager
Secure connections with FTP over SSL server.
Salesforce Connection ManagerSalesforce Connection Manager
Connections with Salesforce service.

Dynamics CRM Connection ManagerDynamics CRM Connection Manager
Connections with Dynamics CRM service.
SMTP Connection ManagerSMTP Connection Manager
Connections with SMTP mail server.

POP3 Connection ManagerPOP3 Connection Manager
Connections with POP3 mail server.
IMAP Connection ManagerIMAP Connection Manager
Connections with IMAP mail server.

Excel Connection ManagerExcel Connection Manager
Connections to Microsoft Excel workbook files with support for 64bit machines.
SharePoint Connection ManagerSharePoint Connection Manager
Connections with SharePoint service.
Dynamics AX Connection ManagerDynamics AX Connection Manager
Connections with Dynamics AX server.
Distributed Cache Connection ManagerDistributed Cache Connection Manager
Connections with Windows AppFabric distributed cache.
SugarCRM Connection ManagerSugarCRM Connection Manager
Connections with SugarCRM server.
Dynamics NAV Connection ManagerDynamics NAV Connection Manager
Connections with Dynamics NAV server.
Exchange Connection ManagerExchange Connection Manager
Connections with Exchange service.
NetSuite Connection ManagerNetSuite Connection Manager
Connections with NetSuite services.
Dynamics GP Connection ManagerDynamics GP Connection Manager
Connections with Dynamics GP server.
OpenAir Connection ManagerOpenAir Connection Manager
Connections with OpenAir services.
Sage Connection ManagerSage Connection Manager
Connections with Sage SData service.
QuickBooks Connection ManagerQuickBooks Connection Manager
Connections with QuickBooks services.
REST Connection ManagerREST Connection Manager
Connections with REST service.

SSIS Scripts

Script Task PlusScript Task Plus Script Component PlusScript Component Plus Public Repository
Ready-to-use reusable scripts and samples.

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